You understand the importance of having a solid organization system to operate your business consistently, but you’re overwhelmed by how to get started.
When you sit down to work, you’re wasting time finding what you need and how to complete your task and projects.
You are stressed.
You take too long to complete projects.
You don't feel in control of your business.
Your head is a cluttered mess.
Instead of running your business...

Your Business is running you.
Let me ask you this...
How organized is your business system?
Do you have a business dashboard for your valuable docs and links?
Are you able to easily track, monitor, and access all the online courses you’ve purchased?
Do you have a process for onboarding new clients?
Can you manage and follow your content calendar easily?
Can you handle your client projects and workflows with ease?
Are you able to handle your social media without the headache and overwhelm?
If not, you need a system to organize all these areas of your business.
Accomplishing your big business dreams is all about what happens behind the scenes, meaning working smarter with a business system that allows and encourages you to show up consistently each day.
Look, the truth is, as a working mom, you already wear many hats meaning you have a lot on your plate. It’s overflowing with “do this”, “do that”, “don’t forget that”, appointments, client meetings, publishing content, and more.
 It can be paralyzing to keep up with it all by yourself. 
As a busy mompreneur...
...time is your most valuable resource.

You can only protect your time if you have an organized business system that fits you.
When I first started working from home, I had no clue how to organize all the areas of my business.
All the things I needed to run and operate my business were in different locations. I had stuff for my blog and clients on my desktop, Google Drive, checklists in different programs, and more. My workflows were a hot mess.
 When I’d finally sit down at my desk to work, I’d waste a lot of time finding what I needed to accomplish a task.
 I knew I needed a central place to house all my behind-the-scenes magic. 

A plug-and-play system of boards, workflows, and checklists using the magic of Trello to organize your business in a painless, flexible, and fun way.

What's included

The Mompreneur System with Trello comes with done-for-you board templates and checklists for all areas of your online business if you are a content creator or service-based business owner. This system is perfect for bloggers, vloggers, influencers, virtual assistants, writers, freelancers, coaches, and more.

Organize your day-to-day tasks.

Organize your content.

Organize your clients and projects.

Organize your creation process and launch like a pro.

Organize (and finish) all the training programs you purchase.

Organize your social media and traffic strategies.

Organize your future goals.

"This system is helpful for anyone who works from home because it helps you keep everything together so you can save time. It also helps you plan and stay focused on your goals.

I hate having to search through ten documents to find the one piece of information I was looking for. This saves me a lot of time!"

Catherine Turner, Proofreader, Editor, & Writer


Mastering Your Day

In this course, learn my best tips to skyrocket your productivity and get the most out of every minute of the day. Improve your focus, manage your time drains, get organized, and discover which productivity tools are best for you. Take action with a fillable or printer-friendly workbook.


$1k in 30 Days

Does your business need a cash boost? Get this handy list of 17 ways you can make $1,000 in 30 days. This is perfect for content creators and service providers.


7 Steps to Nail the Sale

As a service provider, clients are your bread and butter. Grab my tried-and-true 7-step strategy to turn prospective clients into paying clients. 


39 Fill-in-the-Blank Client Email Templates

Stop the guesswork and get 39 fill-in-the blank client email templates you can use immediately including pitching potential clients, landing the sale, handling difficult situations, and collecting past due payments. 
"As a mom, it is already difficult enough to balance work and family life, so when you add multiple clients, projects, tasks, etc into the mix, it can make things a little crazy! 

Having a clear and simple system to organize everything that needs to be done will help clear your mind so you can be more present with your kids.

Templates, tutorials (which I rarely see for Trello templates), and bonuses?! This is a steal!"

Jen McOwen, Virtual Assistant
Imagine clicking the “shut down” button on your computer knowing you actually completed the tasks you set out to do. No more pushing tasks to the next day because you couldn’t get a handle on it.

You feel accomplished, confident and on top of your game every single day because you have the systems in place to save your sanity and time which allows you to meet your money goals.
"As a working mom/business owner, there is SO much to keep track of that it can quickly become overwhelming... everything in one place reduces so much of that stress

I love them all, but the Weekly Planner and the Business Dashboard are the most helpful for me!

I love that I don't have to constantly go searching for a piece of information when I need it on a whim. It's just all right there!"

Brooke Andrews, VA & Boutique Owner
Hi, I'm Maia.
I’m a blogger, virtual assistant, digital marketer, and business mentor for success-driven moms who want to start and grow their online business.

As a one-woman show and mom to four kiddos (ages 9 and under!), I understand how frustrating it can be to balance all the demands of business ownership while making sure you don’t neglect what’s really important: your family. And that’s why it’s crucial to have a solid system you can depend on so you’re operating with strategy and not just “winging it”.

It's time to step into your CEO role with confidence. 

"This system is definitely helpful for business moms! It helps you see at a glance everything that's going on in your worlds: both mom and business. I love the business dashboard and training tracker boards... so nice to have all the basics in one place... I used to be hunting for them multiple times a day.

As a course junkie, having a spot to keep track of all the courses is super helpful and I love the idea of prioritizing courses so I actually get them done!"

Celissa Hansen, Social Media Manager
You'll learn how to...
Organize your time
Easily organize your day and your week with ease since you'll be able to quickly access the priority tasks. 
Handle big projects
No more letting big projects overwhelm and slow you down. You'll be able to break them down into manageable pieces and see the progress you're making.
operate with strategy
You can stay focused without FOMO taking over because you know exactly what needs to be done because you have a strategy to do more with less effort.
"I am a big fan of lists and seeing things crossed off them so by using these pre-made lists I'm able to keep better track of what I am achieving in my business and what else I have to accomplish.

Having these boards especially in such a plug and play manner has been a lifesaver!"

Talia Browne, Co-CEO & Business Owner
• Increased productivity
• Better time management
• Less stress & frustration
• Achieve your goals

"Is there anything more stressful than being a full time hustlin' mama? And that's why I love using this system to help me organize my blogging tasks AND client work.

This system is more than just Trello boards -- it's a whole framework to organize and grow my empire -- YES, EMPIRE! because this system will help me get there!!"

Annie Chang, Blogger & Graphic Designer
I get it. The Internet is scary. And that’s why if you’re not 100% satisfied with The Mompreneur System with Trello, you can get your money back within 14 days of purchase. I can’t promise the system will make you a millionaire, but I can promise the board templates will help save you time and frustration.
Trello is a web-based, Kanban-style collaboration tool that organizes your projects into boards. Imagine a white board or corkboard with sticky notes, photos, and other important info. You can take Trello with you anywhere because it syncs between all your devices. 
Not if you don't want to. You can use this system with a free Trello plan.
Why not? It's awesome! If you don't want to use Trello, this system is not a good fit for you. 
You don't have to be tech-savvy to use this system. It's simple to get started, and I will guide you through the system with my video tutorials. You can plug and play and be on your way. 
That's okay! You can pick and choose the boards that pertain to your business. 
That really depends on how many boards you use, but each board can be set up within a matter of minutes. Actually using it and customizing the workflows will depend on the user.
Once you create your own boards from my templates, those are yours to keep forever. You'll have access to my original templates, tutorials, and bonuses for as long as the program is running.
I want you to love your purchase. If you’re not 100% satisfied with The Mompreneur System with Trello, you can get your money back within 30 days. 
If you’re not 100% satisfied with The Mompreneur System with Trello, you can get your money back within 14 days of purchase.
You can contact me at maia@motherhoodathome[dot]com. 

Banish the chaos today.

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